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"If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."
                                                                                                Antoine de Saint-Exupér


Basil M Karatzas, ABV, ASA, CMS, FICS, MBA
Dear Client,
Thank you for taking the time to visit the website of our company.
Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. set out sail formally in the aftermath of the financial and the ensuing shipping crisis several years ago, in order to provide customized, client-driven services in a rapidly changing market place. Once the crisis in shipping took hold, independent shipowners - the traditional force of the shipping industry - were faced with rapidly declining asset prices and anaemic freight rates that were bottoming out at below cash breakeven levels, both factors heavily contributing to breaching of loan agreement covenants. European shipping banks - the traditional financier of the industry - were facing their own crises under the overcast skies of fiscal and sovereign uncertainty and possibly massive defaults; under a tighter regulatory environment and a more expensive capital structure, with no sovereign or national mandate to support shipping, suddenly most shipping loans and shipping related activities were re-allocated under the 'non core' or 'non strategic' headings. Institutional investors and private equity funds seemed to be the default option to fill the funding gap of the shipping industry, driven by the prospects of asset pricing ebbing levels during the industry cycle, lack of liquidity and available capital from the traditional funding sources and, to a certain extent, an orderly exit from the industry of main long-term players.
In a environment where there was more emphasis on sourcing capital and structured transactions rather than the 'steel' (industry lingo for ships), the expertise and credentials of the principals of our team were uniquely suited to serve our loyal and strategically oriented clients. Given 
a) our exceptional track record in ship brokerage - ranging from new-buildings to second-hand vessels to demolition sales,
b) our diverse shipping background - ranging from vessel operations to port operations to chartering to vessel management,
c) our worldwide network of industry professionals, associates and correspondents,
d) our impeccable record of successfully representing financial shipowners and delivering value time and again on their behalf,
there was a distinct opportunity for Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. to 'do good' by offering their expert services for the changing needs in the marketplace and successfully help clients navigate a new chartered course.
Our clients are substantial, highly reputable companies based worldwide seeking the benefit of proven industry expertise and market knowledge, hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, enthusiasm and solid credentials of our team. Our clientele ranges from independent shipowners based worldwide - with strong emphasis in Europe and Southeast Asia - to vessel managers, operators and financial owners; shipping banks, lessors and institutional investors have engaged us for ship brokerage services, vessel valuations, shipping loan valuations, expert opinion reports.We proudly have represented clients in the tanker, dry bulk, containerships and offshore markets, for both open registry tonnage and Jones Act vessels; our market and industry reports, and vessel valuations have been filed with the SEC and other regulatory bodies worldwide. Our Op-Ed articles have been widely published and re-published. A few of our clients are 'Fortune 10' companies or financial institutions.
We are delighted enjoying the privilege and honor of long-term, loyal clients and benefit from their strong referral network and introductions; we believe that companies - especially entrepreneurial companies like ourselves - only grow to the extent they can help grow their clients' business. We are profoundly loyal and honored to serve our clients. We are honored to be a well-regarded company in the shipping industry, a company whose expertise and knowledge is sought out, and often quoted in the press. We are proud to be part of an the maritime industry whose origins go back to the days when Phoenician vessels were crossing the Mediterranean Sea with clay containers of wine and other merchandise.
I personally invite you to take a look at our services and expertise sections of our website, and I would be delighted hearing from you, whether you are an industry participant or business associate, a charterer, a seafarer, a potential employee, a financier or investor. We are looking forward to working with you.
Wishing you Fair Seas and Calm Winds with your voyage through the maritime industry! Hope to get to meet you soon at the next port call!
Sincerely we remain,
Basil M Karatzas
on behalf of Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co.

Basil M Karatzas, ABV, ASA, CMS, FICS, MBA

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