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We are a fully independent firm with no vested interests to serve or compromised by interest conflicts, and we earn our fees the old fashion way, one project and one client at a time. Time and again, we have expressed our professional opinion with deep knowledge, no bias, honesty and faith, and when called upon from our clients, we delivered on our commitment and surpassed their expectations. We have very long-term clients who sought our counsel on a continuous term and have acted as our best referrals and originators of new projects, new friends and new clients.
Under our Financial Advisory Services, we have represented both Sellers and Buyers in their search for value maximization and the strategic positioning of the business. On sell-side representation, after performing in-depth due diligence on the client’s business and financial performance, we work closely with management on identifying potential buyers and developing an effective sale strategy tailored to our client’s specific objectives. We then execute on such strategy by preparing highly focused marketing materials and engaging in a dialogue with each potential buyer – fostering intense competition among potential buyers to maximize value to our client’s shareholders. On buy-side representation, for companies interested in consolidating their market position, we conduct extensive research on potential acquisition / strategic partnership opportunities. After identifying the most promising candidates, we perform detailed due diligence and valuation analysis on each target, followed by extensive negotiations towards a final, binding offer. We are experts at analyzing every aspect of a transaction, including form of consideration, financing options, tax consequences, etc., and then structuring the optimal solution on behalf of our client. Our firm has also the ability to raise acquisition financing from various sources of capital to facilitate a transaction.
Divestiture of assets, whether of simple physical assets such as vessels or line of business, possibly de-mergers and spin-offs, has been routine part of our advisory services.
More recently, out firm has been engaged with advisory services for the evaluation, assessment and sale or purchase of shipping loans, both on the buy- and the sell-side of the transaction. On behalf of selling banks, we have strategized on propel parceling of shipping loan portfolios, assisted with valuation of the underlying assets and loans, prepared marketing material, sourced potential buyers and we were integral part of the sale and achieving superior pricing. On behalf of buyers, primarily institutional investors and private equity funds, we have approached targeted potential sellers with a clearly defined requirement of shipping loans for acquisition in terms of underlying asset class, vessel employment, counterparty credit, specific original loan profile, jurisdiction and other determining factors, and advised our clients through negotiations, providing both financial and maritime advisory services.
For special purposes companies or financial projects where an independent committee or entity is required to administer the company or ensure proper and independent functioning of the entities involved, our firm has acted in such capacity.
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